Drew Koverman

About Me

Nice to meet you! My name is Drew Koverman and I am a front end web developer from Midwest Ohio. I've currently work at LexisNexis Ohio in the legal research business where I maintain the marketing US corporate website. I have done various of web development freelance work to small business to non-profit agencies. My primary focus is to create the most accessible and user friendly web applications.

I have always had a passion regarding to web design, web development, and try to keep up with the latest web trends. I started working in the web field around 6 years ago while I attended at Sinclair Community College. Now I am enrolled at Frankling University and trying to expand my skills as a web developer. Hopefully this portal will show the various of skills I have applied while attending at Franklin University.

Some other info about me is that I am married to my beatiful wife of 6 years and love our 4 year old dachshund named Melody. While not working, I like to catch the latest movie at my local theater or Netflix and play my bass guitar at a local gig.